My name is Rodja Raskolnikow – which is an alias of course. If you want to know what is behind this please see the prologue of my blog.

I m a deep admirer and lover of pretty lady’s feet and high heels. I love sexy outfits such as tight leggings or any other kind of pants and dresses. I prefer ladies who spend a lot of time for their looks, their make-up and the pedicure and manicure of their nails.

This blog is all about pretty female feet and high heeled strappy sandals. I would like to figure out how I came to this fetish. It follows me as long as I can think back. I would like to share my thoughts about cute feet and high heeled shoes with the audience, entertain them with my findings and somewhat academic approach of the subject.

I also would like to entertain all my readers with nice pictures which all relate to the subject of this blog. The blog language is english and german.

In real life I am a happily married man with a small family. My wife is a very attractive lady. She knows about my fetish and basically accepts it. Luckily she is a high heels wearing lady. I am successful in my job and my interests are widely spread. I live in Germany.


4 Kommentare zu “About

  1. Danni Atherton sagt:

    Hi Rod

    It is Danni from facebook. Would you like to use my nurse uniform and heels album on your webpage? Xx

  2. charonsaide2 sagt:

    Thank you for visiting my Pro-smoking/smoker appreciation blog. I haven’t yet acquired your appreciation for women’s shoes and feet but I can certainly appreciate it when a lovely lady makes the effort to doll herself up — feet and shoes (and stockings!) included.

    I too was married, for a very long time, to a woman who didn’t share my fetish. Your wife, at least, gets some enjoyment out of wearing nice shoes. Mine found the cigarette habit absolutely appalling.

    We had a good marriage, all and all, and I think she was a very fine human being; but I’m relieved the marriage is over and very glad she is no longer in my life.

    She was, as I said, a very good person — but her goodness kept me on the ’short leash‘. I’m soooooo grateful to be free now.

    Hey, how about postin a pic of a beautiful lady with super-sexy shoes whio’s smoking a cigarette! We would BOTH appreciate her womanly appeal. 😉

    Be Happy,
    Be Well,


    • rraskolnikow sagt:

      Dear CA, if there is one thing attracting me even more than a pretty lady in sexy high heels, then it is a pretty lady in sexy high heels smoking a cigarette. Therefor I agree with you, please have a look for those and share with me – I will do the same!

      Best regards,

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