Goodbye 2014 – Welcome 2015!

Year end is soon to come, and I would like to reward my dear readers with some nice pictures of my collection and say a big „thanks“ for your ongoing interest in this blog. Almost 30,000 clicks during the past 1.5 years clearly demonstrates that I m not alone with my affinity, nevertheless this encourages me to go ahead and maybe even speed up a bit. Wish you all a pleasant new year, with lots of health and everthing else what money can’t buy.

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Obviously the majority of female celebrities have identified the importance of their feet, whenever and wherever they can flash them they do, mostly in the sexiest high heels you can imagine. Some examples:

Helene Fischer (30), german artist and super star, probably one of the most sexiest women alive. The fact that I dedicated a blog chapter to her recently obviously helped to boost the number of clicks. Thanks Helene, may I invite you to an espresso next time? Don’t forget to put on your heels then… 😉

wpid-cw-4580_7400116-original-imagegallery_standard.jpg  Helene Fischer - Farbenspiel - Booklet (2-10)  38337_0Helene_Fischer1_122_608lo 063824423_Helene_Fischer_Feet_1285084_122_15lo

Jeanette Biedermann (34), a german daily soap actress, is a real sweetheart. She is one of my favourites when it comes to the beauty of lady’s feet. Especially the first 2 pictures shown below reveal her beauty, and I love those shoes!

Jeanette-Biedermann-Feet-1101508  Jeanette-Biedermann-Feet-1101508  896328248_Photo.20130521002.0165_123_32lo

Silvia Saint (38), a former actress of the adult movie industry, never forgets to flash her beautiful feet or at least show the sexiest strappy footwear. She used to be my first favourite, I discovered her in a magazine in the late 90’s, and collected a huge number of feet and heels pictures of her.

ssa14  ssa14  46608_3679_02_123_246lo  46611_3679_09_123_568lo

Again, wish you all the best for 2015!



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