Remembering summer

Being cold outside, Christmas markets all over the place, summer holiday season just a small spot in our memories, the desire of girl’s bare feet continues. We are longing for summer sun and girls showing off their most beautiful outfits and flashing their naked feet. Good to have all the pictures we took by ourselves or saved on our hard drives, next to the most important ones which are those we have in our minds.

They show up in our dreams while we are asleep or even during day dreams when sitting in our offices not listening to the xth phone conference call of that day… Beware of video conferencing! Your counterparts might notice that you are not concentrating on the latest performance figures but on something very different!


SPH13071003sexyyyyy SPH13071004 v66jd8fp 8 JB (9) IMG_3022_resize tumblr_m1q87jn0mC1qcwfxxo1_1280sexyyyy T694c5_002 soaking_wet_leather_jacket_005 giamarley07 TIA08020808sep TIA08020808 CIMG5763

Anyway – foot lovers like me always enjoy summer – with all those beautiful barefooted ladies in our minds. Ask them to put on their sexiest heels for us – if you are lucky (like me!) she will do, even during cold winter, as long as you offer a warm, cozy, romantic environment for her to flash her red hot pedicured toes in one of your favourite strappy sandal heels!

Enjoy your advent season and don’t forget to remove your honey’s socks once in a while – she deserves a good foot massage or some sweet and tender kisses on her toes…


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