Promod Heels – 2nd part

As you can imagine I was not really hesitating to buy her these adorable strappy heels. The following monday after our weekend shopping event I showed up at the Promod store again, passed all those female customers and saleswomen and headed for the shelf with high heels. At first attempt I picked a pair of those shoes in the correct size. Which was no surprise of course, knowing her cute feet like the back of my hand… I headed back for the cashpoint and put my credit card on the counter. All in all it took me hardly 5 minutes to get that whole thing fixed! I was happy.

The same evening I handed my acquisition over to Suessi, and we ended up in a laugh and kisses. She was happy and she liked them. And so was I. Of course she directly tried them on, and they fit perfectly. No need to tell that I took pictures and couldn’t resist caressing her.

In them meantime she has been wearing them in various occasions but not outside so far. They simply look awesome on her, as if her feet were made for these kind of heels. But justify yourself:

CIMG5653  CIMG5637  CIMG5703  CIMG5715

So this is just to give you an update on my previous blog entry. I hope you like, and your comments are appreciated as always. I wish you all a nice sunny weekend with lots of opportunites of showing off your sexy feet girls, and for you guys, watch and enjoy!


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