Promod Heels

Today Suessi and me went shopping. While visiting the Promod shop she discovered these beautiful sandals with a 10.5 cms / 4.14 inches heel:


For some unknown reason I couldn’t convince her of letting me buy her these fantastic looking high heeled strappies, which were 40 € only. I really was in favour of these I can tell you. So we continued our shopping tour and I thought she really didn’t really like them.

Back home I saw her checking the Promod intersite site on her iPad though, saying: „Honey these heels really would fit great to my….“ Whatever it is, darling, I thought to myself, they would suit your sexy feet perfectly. So now I m considering of secretly buying her these cute heels and surprise her next monday when I return back from work.

What do you think girls and guys?



3 Kommentare zu “Promod Heels

  1. DO IT!!!! Sie wird dich dafür lieben. Ich finde solche Überraschungen toll!!!

    Und die Schuhe sind wunderschön!

    Alles Liebe an dich, Lara

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