Eye-catching beauties

As you might have noticed most of the attached pictures are shown in coloured and in sepia (and in some occasions in black&white) modus. Amazing what a difference it makes in artificial expression, don’t you think so?

The trilogy of seduction in blonde underneath reveal the curves of her stretched body coming across like those of an antique sculpture. Her clothes underline her enticing looks even more: A beauty with polished nails, in a belly top and tight tucked up jeans. And high heeled strappies on her sexy little feet of course, and as if to complete the picture she stands having her legs crossed. What an inspiration! Hard to believe there is something on earth being even more sexy than this quite basic outfit. Nothing glamorous about it at all. Her body in the center of the viewers attention does it all:

6f3b16af67ff757cc728946d7215c120122063423366176433  6f3b16af67ff757cc728946d7215c120122063423366176433sep  6f3b16af67ff757cc728946d7215c120122063423366176433sw

Next we see two ladies, both in tight dresses and high heeled sandals on their perfect feet, but in completely different posture: The blonde lady standing tall, her head held high, accentuating her curves. The brunette lady sitting on a sofa, having her legs crossed, in perfect posture, emphasizing her breast, legs and feet.

PICT0030  PICT0030sepia  004  004sep

Do we have some more erotic outfits covering perfect bodies? Yes, we still have Carmen, and again surprisingly, an extremely pretty blondine with beautiful curly hair. She just needs four, maybe five pieces of clothing. We don’t see her petite G-tring panty if there is one, or maybe her strapless bra. Viewer’s fantasy is inspired by her incredibly cute bustier and her knee-length leather skirt. However she knows what is completing the picture, she slipped into some high heeled mules. Simply amazing!

VGI0469P040007  VGI0469P040007sep

Check out some celebrities in eye-catching outfits, and – you know me – showing off their cute feet. We start with beautiful Charlize Theron. Next to her extremely sexy bustier and skinny pants outfit I fell so in love with her high heeled sandals. The more petite straps and heels are the more sexy they make a lady’s foot look, don’t they?

66839_cff_charlize_theron2008_mtv_movie_awards_arrivals05_122_231lo1  66839_cff_charlize_theron2008_mtv_movie_awards_arrivals05_122_231lo1sep  66839_cff_charlize_theron2008_mtv_movie_awards_arrivals05_122_231lo1sw  66839_cff_charlize_theron feet  66839_cff_charlize_theron feetsep  66839_cff_charlize_theron feetsw

No idea what made Charlize think a small tattoo on her right foot would make it even more eye-catching. As I don’t like tattoos at all you already can imagine what I did: I executed a small little laser surgery on her sweet little foot. Very carefully of course! You agree with me it looks much better, doesn’t it? (Thanks, Photoscape!)

66839_cff_charlize_theron feetswnotatt  66839_cff_charlize_theron feetswnotattsep  66839_cff_charlize_theron feetswnotattsw

The next series appears like the work of an artist to me: Carmen Electra in a magic sexy outfit, in high heeled strappies and perfectly pedicured toes donating some coins to a lucky guy sitting on the pavement and having the opportunity to glance at her sexy feet from the very closest distance:

40731_Carmen_Electra1_123_1007lo  40742_Carmen_Electra2_123_638lo  40731_Carmen_Electra1_123_1007losep  40742_Carmen_Electra2_123_638losep

What really kills me is the fact that she is walking bare in high heeled sandals while the other pedestrians seem to be wearing winter clothes! But not sexy Carmen! She seems to insist on showing off her breath-taking cute little feet in her latest Manolo Blahnik’s no matter if maybe temperatures are low. This is so amazing and cool and horny at the same time to me – considering those female wimps (sorry, dear girls!) who start wearing boots as soon as there is a chance of clouds or even rain – regardless are more coolish autumn day as it seems to be on the picture!

And she definitely has beautiful sexy feet, look at the close-ups:

40731_Carmen_Electra1_123_1007lofeet  40742_Carmen_Electra2_123_638lofeet  40731_Carmen_Electra1_123_1007lofeetsep  40742_Carmen_Electra2_123_638lofeetsep

Her toes are so perfectly shaped. The skin of her arches and heels seems to be so soft, and her toenails are so perfectly painted. Nevertheless what convinces me most is the secure way she is walking in her heels, making sudden unforeseen steps but still looking gracile at any time! She must be well-trained on heels for sure. But there’s no indication on her toe shape revealing she is wearing high heels too intensively. Simply perfect. Just ravished by her!

Any more pictures to be shared with you girls and guys that could beat what we saw already? No not this time! I don’t want to stress you too much today. Pretty sure you look forward to the next post on this blog. Hope to get your comments, dear readers!


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