Pretty woman

March 7th and I m really looking forward. What a difference compared to some weeks earlier – a rising sun not much later than 7 a.m., singing birds when you step out of the front door of your house – either leaving for work or even better – for a run in the early morning! Green breaking through garden earth and blooming flowers – smells like spring! My favourite season, because it is so fresh and nice and warm after all these dark and grey and kind of morbid autumn and winter weeks. Charming seasons in a way but finally kind of hopeless.

How different is it now! Sky looking clearer, so blue, even if it is cloudy you notice spring arriving. Temperatures rising, and people changing the clothes they are wearing. Yes, and girls and ladies considering ballerinas, pumps or even strappies as preferred footwear – after ages of boots and clunky winter shoes. Best time of the year! It’s exciting again to visit inner cities or airports especially, where the chances of encounting ladies wearing high heels seem to be better than elsewhere. Let’s have a look to some nice pictures – or should we call them art works?

SHA07031207  SHA07031206  SHA07031208

White skinny pants and high heeled strappy shoes are so eye-catching. Amazing! Her tight blouse nuzzling to her skinny shape, a bit belly-top and shiny, fitting so well to the rest of her outfit, don’t you think? Very conceivable to meet her in the next street cafe or at the mall!

What about a tight summer dress, worn by pretty Carla, combined with nude-coloured nylons and irresistable strappy high heeled sandals:

004  006  011  007

Or does it even look hotter in sepia, dear friends?

004sep  006sep  011sep  007sep

Whatever your preferences are, hope you agree with me that returning spring brings back sexy lively pictures of last summer that were hidden somewhere far in the back of our minds! Weather forecast for next sunday promises 20°C ! Anyway, pretty ladies, time to get your cutest heels out of the shoe closet and put them on – after your loving hubbies have painted your toenails in your favourite spring colours! 😉


2 Kommentare zu “Pretty woman

  1. rraskolnikow sagt:

    Hi Micha,

    the pictures you see in the blog are the highest resolution I have – sorry!

    Best regards,

  2. Anonymous sagt:

    Hellow Rodja,

    The Pictures with the white Leggins are awesome. Would you like to send me these in a higher Resolution?

    Would be great!


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