Real wetlook

There are wetlook or shiny clothes that can make a lady’s outfit look even more sexy. Just think about these black skintight wetlook leggings pretty ladies pull over their beautiful long legs, before they slip their perfectly pedicured cute feet into an awesome pair on high heeled strappy sandals. An almost perfect picture that has been engraved into my memories. Memories about real life encounters on the one hand, or pictures or movies found in the internet – the source of everything that we cannot get hold of in real life!

Considering real wetlook – I picture a cute lady in high heels and fully clothed getting soaked in a pool or in heavy rain! Nothing more stimulating than a sexy fully clothed girl getting wet – preferrably very very slowly but irresistable! How often have I asked Suessi to put on her sexy things and heels on her breath taking cute feet and step into the pool! But – she never did so far although she knows well enough about my desire! So let’s check the internet again – there is a lot for us wetlook lovers:

shiny_wet_leggings_008sep  shiny_wet_leggings_008  shiny_wet_leggings_005sep  shiny_wet_leggings_005

Following a saying telling us „a picture tells more than a thousand stories“ there is no need for further explanations, am I right, girls and guys? Is there something more exciting, more thrilling, more eye-catching than a provocatively clothed girl with high heels getting completely soaked?

It might have to do with that slippery, clear, see-through, piercing liquid chemists call „H2O“. It makes the outfit or human skin look even more shiny. Being wet also features a lacing of naughtiness don’t you think? A wet lady…well…appears a bit spoilt or naughty to me: „What a bad girl you are!“ we tend to say, staring at her. And we love it!

T694c5_150  soaking_wet_leather_jacket_004  sepia

I know this is a vast variety. I will not handle this exciting facet of my fetish in just one blog entry. There will be more. It is simply too important. Maybe I will ask Suessi again in the meantime if some of the 200-pictures-project can be done in the bathtub… Who knows? Maybe she complies with it for a change…

relaxing_by_the_fireside_005  40ruth_s  d_9521  20130219-010523_980  155_2

Enjoy the pictures dear readers and make use of the comment button please.


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