Curves and colours

What about the fascination of pretty lady’s feet and heels? Is there a general explanation, a universally validation of the emotions that get hold of me, that attract my attention in a way I simply cannot stand or prevent it? It keeps my blood pulsing with high pressure (not so healthy for men of my age… 🙂 ) and is making me sweat although I hate sweating more than anything else, especially in that certain situation.

Feet can be as attractive as a renaissance sculpture, and a high-heeled shoe, especially high heeled strappy sandals make the picture of a work of art perfect! These petite straps and heels and the roundness of a lady’s foot shape a perfect combination of erotic: A skinny, curvy figure in perfect gracefulness, captured in those petite bonds of straps around arches and ankles…an incredibly stimulating picture to me!

tumblr_m02vfoWiKC1qfs224o1_500a  tumblr_m02vfoWiKC1qfs224o1_500  tumblr_m0hgolHNud1r3lmiio1_500  306159_533448316694718_79545414_n

Red: The colour of love, passion but also suffering and pain. Pain is so close to pleasure – in erotic as well as in love! Let’s have a look at the straps again (left picture: Thank you so much, Erica!)

Image  84080__na177x002_395lo  3  pantyhosemasturbation-2

Oh these poor innocent petite little feet caught in a trap that reveals all of their beauty besides that certain impression of complete helplessness on those dizzying skyscraper heels! Nylons can even more stress the erotic approach, seduction (black or dark red nylons) or even innocence (white), but preferrably should be as transparent as can be! Having said that, one of my soul mates named a petite lady’s foot in a high heeled shoe a miniature edition of a curvy female body, and I do think he is right. It must be one of the reasons why I m attracted so much by them. It is an everlasting love story between them and me!


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