Jeans + Tee Day

Rare enough that I reblog an entry into my own blog. Nevertheless this is a good opportunity for sure, and I can tell you, dear readers, that I was thinking about reblogging one of her entries earlier already. Just needed to make sure she has no objections against reblogging, so here I go now.

I m so enthousiastic about her awesome pictures that I m looking forward already to the next entry as soon as I enjoyed the last. The author of this blog has got style and taste – no need to evaluate on this – her pictures speak for themselves! Don’t you think?

I take the opportunity to share this series with you dear heels and lady’s feet admirers. Take a look and justify by yourself! Speaking for me I can only tell that this combination of skinny jeans – sexy pedicured feet – high heeled sandals catches my attention again and again.
But for sure I m doing wrong by focussing so much on this certain entry (you know me…), so please do also have a glance at her entire blog – it is worth reading and especially – looking!

Simply Onelove


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