Outlook 2014

According to Suessi it won’t take that long until I will have the pleasure to take more beautiful pictures of her cute feet in sexy strappy high heels. For those of you who do not know who I am talking about: „Suessi“ is the nickname of my beautiful lady, my wife. You have seen a number of pictures of her heels and feet in the previous posts already – just scroll back and check it out!

How come that she gave me this promising and pleasant outlook on a New Year’s eve? Well, to tell you the truth, she possesses some beautiful new outfits and high heeled strappies that I really would like to take pictures of. Next to that I did not stop asking her when she would allow me to hold a nice photo session with her modeling for me and the digicam. Rather in a kidding way I told her that I’d like to take some 200 pictures of her in different outfits and different shoes. I repeated my wish during the past couple of months more or less regularly so that it became a running gag between the two of us. It just takes me a grin in certain situations when I whisper: „…don’t forget you still owe me 200!“ or something similar into her ear. It just makes us giggle, our little secret, and I am never too serious about it, so I wasn’t expecting that some day she might make my wish come true. For sure, she allows to take a few pictures of her from time to time, especially when she dressed up in certain occasions, but 200 at a time, and just for me, and in my desired outfits? No – I did not really expect.

To make a long story short: Last night, when we were at home and having our New Year’s eve red wine together, she was sitting next to me in her new skinny golden pants and her nude-coloured high heeled peeptoes, beautiful make up and all, when I reminded her of her 200-picture-guilt again. As you can imagine, we both had a smile for each other, but then she replied: „Honey, we will get these things done until your birthday latest!“ By telling so, she slipped her heel off one of her peeptoes and started dangling, glancing at me lasciviously…God, this made me sweat I can tell you!

Now, this was out of a clear sky! You can imagine for sure. It really made my day. No, it didn’t simply make my day, it made my evening, and it even made my start of 2014! No question this unforeseeable spontaneity is one of the reasons why I’m still in love with her! Thanks so much, darling, I think you have deserved a very long and good foot-massage very soon – next to a kiss on each of your cute little well-pedicured toes!

My dear readers, you might be waiting for my birthday then. Since last night at least I am. The perspective of this year’s birthday present makes me look forward to it impatiently as if I was a little boy! Could well be that I will share one or the other picture with you guys and girls. Let’s wait and see.

For the time being I would like to reward you with some pictures of Suessi’s feet in those peeptoes mentioned above:

1366_6534616133306664  6137666438383736  1366_3837386131663035

I didn’t take these pictures last night as you will have noticed, but last summer when we were invited to a party. For your information her peeptoes have a 2.5 cms (1“) platform and a 13 cms (5.1“) stiletto heel. Do you agree they fit her well? Just drop me a line, I’d be glad to hear your comments.


2 Kommentare zu “Outlook 2014

  1. rraskolnikow sagt:

    Thanks a lot Dave, you encourage me to continue with it…

  2. Dave sagt:

    Great and Amazing Blog. Love your stories and pictures about High Heel Girls. Thank you.

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