Season’s greetings

My dear followers and readers,

it is almost half a year now that I keep this blog alive. If I look back at the previous posts I m quite happy with its contents so far. It really meets my aesthetical approach, some nice wording and explanation of background, and my intention to allow you a view inside my mind – may it sometimes be a bit dirty but I m pretty sure you can abuse it, can’t you? 🙂

What concerns me I m quite satisfied with the result, I wanted to share my views about this fetish with all of you, sometimes I wished I would get a little bit more comments or views on my blog at least, but things seem to last. That is what I learnt through the past months.

Nevertheless I m confident about the future, at least I strive to continue with this blog in 2014 as well, and I hope I can still count on you! Before wishing you all the best for sure I will entertain you with a picture series of a beautfiful young lady in such a teasing outfit, it is just amazing: She is wearing a more than revealing top, my beloved leggings and of course strappy high heeled sandals on her beautiful cute feet. I admire her for her gracile steps on this uneven road surface! She must be a russian lady, correct me, non-russian ladies, if you’re convinced you could walk as securely as she does in her petite stiletto heels!

But check out by yourselves:


Hope you enjoyed as much as I did when I discovered this angel!

My dear followers and readers, I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Enjoy some free time, relax, read some good books, enjoy some red wine and good food, and spend some hours with your beloved ones! And maybe, gentlemen – and please, my dear beloved and appreciated female readers, do not feel excluded at all – if you are very lucky, enjoy the view on a pretty lady’s foot in some sexy high heeled strappies!

All the best to you and see you soon,



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