Autumn wear

Lately I found a fashion picture on the internet that hit my approach of a perfect lady’s outfit. Last winter I learnt that a lady can put on nylons and high heeled strappy sandals even during winter time and spend half an hour or so outside if it is not that cold. At least my Suessi did, when we were celebrating New Year’s night. Taking a look at the attached picture I imagine a warm indian summer day, maybe during late October or even November:


I intended to insert this single picture, let it speak for itself in a way, just because I simply think this outfit is so amazing, her heels especially combined with that leggings-like autumn coloured skinny pants. Her pedicured feet stuck in these sexy strappy high heels, well, I have to admit, this is breath-taking, my favourite photo shot I found on the web during the past months! Unfortunately there was just this one, I really would have liked to share more of that series with you I tell you…

What a pleasure to take this lady out for dinner into a nice italian restaurant, make her stroke her high heels on your legs under the restaurant table, while you try to catch her attention talking about your sophisticated cultural interest, your broad general education and your knowledge about famous world literature. And of course, your knowledge and understanding of the rules of state-of-the-art fashion demands of a beautiful lady like her…

Let’s enjoy all the indulgence italian kitchen can offer I would tell her, let’s have this vitello tonnato as a starter, or this tender beef carpaccio, let’s raise our glasses filled with this fantastic dark red Montepulciano and…let’s try the main course, the dolce, the expresso, whatever you like, admired lady, as long as you won’t stop stroking your feet on my legs…

And yes – take her home, begging her to not remove her heels off her beautiful feet. Just put them on my lap, you start phantasizing, and I’ll offer you the longest and most enjoyable foot massage you ever had. And I won’t go any further – you are so pure!


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