Since almost half a year she is working as a director’s assistant on the same floor of the building like me. Next to the fact that she is a pretty and petite lady she is a passionate high heels wearer. And she walks safely in any kind of them, no matter if she has boots on, pumps or strappy sandals on her cute feet. And her heels are rarely less than the magic 10 cms high. I really enjoy watching her walk along the floor in her heels, passing my office, mostly with a smile on her face.

Today I was close to making her compliments for her footwear. She was wearing obviously new high heeled red pumps combined with a classy pencil skirt and black nylons. At the end it didn’t work out – I didn’t dare to approach her while other colleagues were hanging around. For sure I don’t want to be identified as foot- and heels admirer, next to the fact that I do not know her that good – maybe she turned out to be the ballbreaker type of lady that feels sexually bothered I said to myself trying not to think about her cute little nyloned feet in her high heels.

Back in my office I closed the door just to make sure I was not permanently „disturbed“ in my concentration. But while working on boring documents and e-mails I couldn’t get that picture out of my head: Andrea sitting almost next to me in her office, dangling her heels, spending her little feet some relief from a hard working day in high heels. I started philisophing about how her feet felt in my hands while giving her a little foot massage, while she briefly closed her eyes, having dropped her ball-pen and having started moaning, very very silently encouraging me not to stop…

During summer there was one day she was wearing sexy high heeled strappies, those kind of strappies that I really love most – those ones revealing a lot of her foot. For sure her cute toenails were pedicured and for sure she was walking as safely as ever in her sandals. As if she was born in high heels! I rarely saw a woman walk as safely in high heeled sandals with these kind of petite straps! She could. Andrea could. She proved it that day.

The result of today’s work was not that bad although. At a certain moment another colleague stepped into my office and we started a conversation about anything but women. I displaced my thoughts about cute Andrea and her feet and heels. Not before I took my bag and coat locking my office, passing hers and raising a smile of her while passing and told her „enjoy your evening“. I said it, but I thought of her stretching on the sofa at home later on, having kicked off her heels and some guy giving her a foot massage…

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Of couse the above picture series has nothing to do with my short office story. Anyhow, that beautiful blonde lady in her breath-taking outfit reminded me of Andrea in a way – maybe she’ll surprise me with some tight wetlook leggings and a carmen shirt next to some cute strappy sandal heels on her feet some day. Hope dies last, and mind is free…

Enjoy your weekend!


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