Walking on Piazza della Signoria at Firenze, Tuscany cannot be compared with anything else I have seen so far. I mean, the density of cultural highlights in this city and on this central plaza especially is simply unbelievable. And the mass of tourists is unbelievable as well. So what I recommend is to visit this place in the very early morning hours. Next to fresh morning atmosphere you won’t have to fight against hordes of sweating, noisy, ice-cream sucking tourists shifting towards this place. You simply stand there in the awakening city amongst the florentine people heading to their daily work – most likely including some pretty italian ladies with their heels on…

Getting up early pays back; it offers you a free and undisturbed view on the beauties of this city. And I do not only mean the cultural things! The antique sculptures like „Rape of the Sabines“ by Giovanni Boulogna (left picture) are so elegantly, so curvy, so bent, so petite in a way. Even Michelangelo’s „David“ (middle picture), although more than 400 cms tall, looks musculous but gracile. The cupola of the dome itself is for sure Brunelleschi’s masterpiece, the paintings in the inner by Vasari are unconceivable examples of man’s aesthetic productions.

CIMG2355  CIMG2352  CIMG2302

A classy lady wearing high heeled shoes, ideally high heeled strappy sandals can reasonably be compared with these slim elegant antique sculptures: Her feet stretched and raised to tip toes, flashing the brightness and gracefulness of her soft suntanned skin of the bridge of her foot. The uncomparable curve of her heels, and her soft round red polished petite toes speak for themselves. Anatomical masterpieces? This does not really hit the point sufficiently I would say!

totally_sexy_1  totally_sexy_7    K001_p2  K001_p  C001_1

No overstatement to lift a pretty lady to the socle sculptors use for their artworks. No overstatement to tell that a pretty lady bears features of an artist when styling herself, doing her make-up and especially making choice for her heels of the day or the night…No overstatement that men will never stop paying attention to any aesthetic encounters within their life: Whether it is a fast sports car, a bike, the techniques of a genius football player, a masterpiece of art – or a classy pretty playful lady in high heeled strappy sandals!

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50046_debra-2_004_122_466lo  50046_debra-2_004_122_466locu  51387_debra_2_002_756lo  51387_debra_2_002_756locu

24009_nata17_GX8E9431_122_464lo  24009_nata17_GX8E9431_122_464locu  24010_nata17_GX8E9435_122_477lo  24010_nata17_GX8E9435_122_477locu

I m well aware that pictures can only be entertainment or inspiration for making some things real. At least it is a pleasure for us who love lady’s shoes fashion and her pretty little artworks in them shoes! For those of you who are interested in sculptures – maybe not the classical ones – I recommend to visit the website of Deepend productions ( ). This may even more inspire you and – who knows – maybe one day dreams come true!


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