What is it that makes a female foot so attractive for us fetishists? What is it that makes us turn our heads, divert our ways, take secret pictures of well-pedicured feet of a young lady? What is the magic of high heels surrounding her feet, what is the magic of tight and petite straps that bound her sexy little foot to her high heeled sandals? And what is it that makes pretty ladys slip into her heels and walk on them for the whole day, fully aware of attracting attention of all us crazy guys, and against all predictions of modern medicine?

What makes us fetishists begging not to remove the heels off her feet when seducing or being seduced? What makes all imagination about sex with her even more exciting by including the picture of her perfect feet wearing high-heeled strappy sandals?

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I do not have the final explanation. Some reasonable grounds for suspecting:1. The S-stretched shape of her foot in high heeled shoes. It makes her entire body look more straightened and flexible. 2. The design of a high heeled strappy sandal, flashing most parts of her foot, bending it at the same time. 3. Her nail polish making her toenails even more an eye-catching element of her entire body. 4. Walking on high heels making ladies shake their cute butts. 5. Tight pants or shiny leggings underline shape and length of her legs.

All this is so amazingly feminine and fulfills more or less secret demands of all males, and loosens their animalistic drives.

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Women’s feet can be so magic. To me they can activate more erotic thoughts rather than any other part of the female body. They just make you wish of regarding their beautiful curves, their round tender tip toes, their round heels and their soft skin. Regarding, touching, stroking, kissing, licking, sucking and…whatever comes up to your dirty mind!

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Think about these interrelations, and compare with your feelings the next time you encounter an attractive lady in high heeled shoes. Yesterday I came across an attractive lady in leather leggings and high heeled pumps. She was barefoot in her pumps, although it was a grey and cold december morning. She looked so irresistable – I felt completely bedazzled. My wish to express my admiration to her was very strong, but I resisted. It would have caused an issue – for me and for her. So I spent the rest of the day recapitulating her picture in my head.

Attractive sexy ladies wear high heels and show their naked feet – anytime! They simply don’t seem to care about any external factors, they just are aware of their effect and enjoy our attention. Incredibly provocating life!


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